Shenzhen Zhengang Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd., by integrating R&D, fabrication, sales, erection and technical service of painting plant, environ-protection plant and air cleaning engineering,has grown up as a hi-tech and diversified enterprise in the field of coating, environmental protection and air cleaning since a decade’s endeavoring development.     Based on “credible enterprise, permanent operation” with constant innovation by its personnel, Zhengang has been granted multiple patent, such as “Water-curtain Spray Booth”, “Automatic Spray Booth”, Spray Type Pretreatment for Plastics”, “Air Cleaning Plant”, etc.. Zhengang has been certified as a member of ISO9001:2000, and SA8000 system is being promoted.
 At present, Zhengang has set up strategic and technical ally with universities and research institutions home and abroad, such as Dheng Hwa Engineering Co., Ltd. from Korea, South China University of Technology, Hu’nan Chemical Pharmaceutical Design Institute. Zhengang has also launched offices in India, Vietnam, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Hu’nan etc. Zhengang gathers a powerful hardware and a cluster of technical workteam. Zhengang’s production base, located in Shenzhen, takes up 20,000m2, holds property valued as RMB 80million and congregates R&D staff around 100. Zhengang’s products have being used in industries of electronics, aviation, aerospace, automobile, furniture etc. Varieties of engineering cases by Zhengang welcome your visit. Plants made by Zhengang have been exported to countries like Russia, Korea, Vietnam, Egypt etc.
  Zhengang will strengthen its cooperation with domestic and overseas industries, aimed to forge an independent brand and large-scaled diversified enterprise.
Address : 58th, Fulin Road , Fafang Industrial Estate, Liulian Village ,             Pingdi Town , Longgang District, Shenzhen City , China
 Zip Code: 51811
 Tel: +86-755-28941588 28941588

  24-hour hotline:+86-13802567150
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