Our clients network
  1、Mechanical engineer: Major in machinery. Good command of structure
  and designing. Knowledge of automatic production line, painting
  equipments is an advantage. Junior college education. Under 45
  years old. Skillful of drawing by software.
  2、Blower fan engineer. Under 45 years old. Junior college education.
  Know well of the making of blower fan.
  3、Ventilation Engineer: Under 45 years old. Junior college education.
  Familiar with air conditioner.
  4、Chemical Engineer: Under 45 years old. Junior college education.
  Major in chemistry. Knowledge of the treatment of waist air and
  5、Chief of electrical equipment: Under 35 years old. Junior college
  education. Corresponding working experiences. Familiar with PLC.
  6、Skillful worker of cutting and pressing: Under 30 years old.
  Knowledge of mechanical drawing. With several years working
  experience of cutting and pressing.
Company’s Structure
Address : 58th, Fulin Road , Fafang Industrial Estate, Liulian Village ,             Pingdi Town , Longgang District, Shenzhen City , China
 Zip Code: 51811
 Tel: +86-755-28941588 28941588

  24-hour hotline:+86-13802567150

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